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A Whole Pile of Family

Vignettes of our life abroad



We Have a Trash Shoot and other cool things...

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Now I'm not one of those people who moves somewhere else and thinks, WOW they do everything better than us. Ok, I am, but while there is plenty here in Spain I don't like (smoking, dog poop everywhere, no window screens etc.), there is lots I do like:


1. We have a trash shoot. I never thought I'd have a "shoot" of any sort in a home I live in. I mean, after watching Webster as a kid I really wanted a dumb waiter, but now at least we have a trash shoot - right outside our door. It is awesome. We cook fish, out to the trash shoot it goes and no stinky trash to worry about. Awesomesauce... Oh year and Emmett can haul the trash out for me, open the shoot and dump it down (and be proud of himself).. even better


2. Kitchen Door. Man before we moved in, I was looking for ways to take off the kitchen door. I thought it was the stupidest thing ever AND it was going to block our refridgerator which I go in, 200 times a day, so I was hell bent to hate it... well I love it! Keeps the kids out of the kitchen when cooking or keeps the heat from the washer and dryer out of the rest of the house!


3. Hallway door. The Spanish have it figured out. There are a lot of extra doors here... and most of the time we keep them open, BUT sometimes... we close the hall door. That way we can keep the kids doors open, but block them out still.


Short Nuggets

Abby likes green beans frozen, says "come on", likes teeter totters, loves dogs, will play with trains or farm animals for a while by herself, constantly singing the wheels the bus and mulberry bush, talking like crazy, pushing her stroller, taking care of big papi bear, her baby doll, doggie (the black webkindz) and beary. She doens't like sand on her hands, says uh oh when a pigeon is anywhere and can ride Emmett's scooter – very slowly or stands and let's me pull her...


Emmett loves his scooter, smoked salmon, sticks, honey cukes (cucumbers with honey on them), playing with babies and little kids. We call him "the sheriff" as he likes to keep everyone safe and things fair. He loves building legos, will clean up after himself...likes cars, trucks machines, super heroes, loves to jump run chase, doesn't like having his picture taken so we often tell him to make a silly face, likes using the exercise machines at the beach to get healthy, hates naps, loves to help put trash away, can open the elevator and trash shoot by himself.


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