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A Whole Pile of Family

Vignettes of our life abroad

Quick Posts - Quotes and (Very) Short Stories

October 27, 2013

It was a beautiful day today - so nice in fact that we all went swimming at the beach where the sea was still plenty warm. Not bad for the last weekend in October.

October 9, 2013

We just got a microwave, toaster and blender! Wahoo! I can't figure out the microwave other than to add 30 seconds and after the 30 seconds is up the thing still runs until i unplug it... the appliances here are really frustrating me... there's no words, just pictures... How do you show a picture of permanent press on the washer and why is the rinse cycle just a rinse and no spin and why can't i combine them?

On the positive side, I can ride Emmett's scooter, while pushing Abby and Emmett (who is holding an umbrella) in the stroller ... and having his balance bike hanging from the back.

August 25 – September 1, 2013

I finally got Emmett to eat cucumbers!! Just cut into strips and add honey. We are calling them honey cucs! Yay!

So most Jars here are glass. Which is great. I wanted to purge plastic from our house. The downside is, we carry all our groceries home. SO they are heavy. They also make great drinking glasses and storage containers – we have been very resourceful in our small apartment.

At the playground outside of Sagrada Familia talking to his new friend Ruth (a random girl about 12 years old he made friends with). E: Maybe you can come babysit me and Abigail so my mom and dad can go on a date.

Talking to Emmett about the playgrounds

E: I’m overwhelmed by the playgrounds

M: Yeah me too, let’s just pick a couple and go to them

E: But I don’t want to miss any

M: I know, I hear ya!

While looking at some of the many motorcycles in the city

E: Can we ride a motorcycle?

M: No, they are not safe. Why don’t you ride your bike?

E: I am scared of my bike.

While shopping at the grocery store (cereal selections are few, like 10 options), just mom and Emmett (who drags the grocery cart through the store all by himself)

M: let’s get cocoa puffs

E: No mom, its junk

M: ok, you’re right (sad and happy face in my head)

There is a fish store by us that’s pretty nice and we call it a mini aquarium

M: ok Abby and Emmett, next time Abby licks a fish tank, its time to go…(2 seconds)… time to go kids.

August 25, 2013

  • We had our first outing to eat tapas (small plates of food) today for lunch. Emmett loved the grilled tuna on a skewer and especially liked the salmon "sushi" that came with his guacamole. He also tried octopus and mussels, but wasn't as big of a fan.
  • Abby spit out the mussel that she tried and then proceeded to chew on the shell for a good 5 minutes.

August 21, 2013

  • A baker at the bakery downstairs picked up Abby so I could hold Emmett to pick out bread. They are super nice.
  • Emmett, Abby and I were bus spotting on a bench while Jeff was making dinner and Emmett says “Abby sit next to mama” (so he could sit on the other side of her) “I want to keep you safe.” What a thoughtful big brother!

August 20, 2013

  • When we were leaving the beach area and heading towards the showers to rinse off, we saw a soccer practice of 8-10 year olds. Upon seeing them, Emmett says “ I don’t want to shower I want to go practice soccer with those kids”.